Apps : Carousell


Snap, List, Sell ! Yeah, business is becoming easier and easier. I can say, this is better than ebay since it’s a local app. You just need to create account, snap a photo of the stuff that you wanted to sell, set price and post it ! I sold quite a number of stuff with the help of Carousell ! I sold my encyclopedia for 100 bucks ! I got it for free and initially I wanted to throw it away. Lucky someone introduced me to this apps ! I managed to sell my 2013 Formula one ticket in less than 5 minutes !

Screenshot_2013-10-15-22-36-23 Screenshot_2013-10-15-22-36-35

Oh yah ! You can buy stuffs there too !  What are you waiting for ?! Grab your smartphone and download it now , Apple & Android ! Do follow my account too – Lutefield !

Happy Selling & Buying !

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