Guys ! Have you heard about #operationpink ?!

GleneaglesMount Elizabeth NovenaMount Elizabeth Orchard and Parkway East Hospital have joined forces in a united stand against cancer with OPERATION PINK.

Their mission is driven by the strong belief that no one should have to face the fight against cancer alone, and that everyone deserves to be empowered with knowledge, support and hope.

This fight is not only for their patients. It is also dedicated to you and everyone you love. It can be your close one !

You can do your part too ! For every photo and post you share on Twitter or Instagram tagged with #operationpink, they will donate 50¢ to Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore. It’s so cool ! So what are you waiting for ! Do support #operationpink today !


We cannot let cancer win ! Lets do our part to fight cancer !


Do visit their website too for more information ! There are free downloads of wallpapers, facebook cover page and profile badges . There are useful facts for you to read up. I already did my part ! Now is your turn ! #Operationpink !

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