Ottoman, 313 Somerset


I have been buying a lot of clothes recently and mostly are button shirt. Well, if you are a poly student, you really need alot of clothes to look new & fresh. I don’t like to buy online but sometimes the shirt online is way nicer especially those from Korea. Well, I don’t need to worry now because I came across this new shop while shopping last month. It’s a menswear shop called Ottoman which is located at 313 Somerset.


They have various kind of products such as long & short sleeve shirt, bermuda, t-shirt, vest, bow tie, belts & long pants. I can say their design is unique and their shirt mostly are slim fit.


These are some of the products that they have. I think they have limited stock so sometime you don’t get the size that you want.


I bought the shirt above. I love the floral, it’s not girly type of floral. I also like the button !



So if you are at 313, don’t forget to go to Ottoman at level 4 and check out their product. For those who know my handphone number, just tell them my phone number to enjoy 15% discount !

Ottoman menswear located at Singapore, Somerset 313 level 4.

Contact number, 67358138. 

Opening hours, 10.30am to 10.00pm 


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