Butter Studio , 147 Jalan Besar


So today, I went to Mustapha Centre to accompany my friends. After shopping, we wanted to go to a cafe since we are not hungry to have an early dinner. We walked around Jalan Besar looking for cafes. The weather is not on our side, it’s freaking hot ! After walking for about 10 minutes, we finally found a cafe called Butter Studio. So we decided to have a tea break there.



Looking at the menu, I think the food and beverages over there is quite affordable. Not cheap but not expensive too.

20131017_161032 20131017_161127


They have variety of choice of cupcakes. We didn’t buy any cupcakes because we are not fan of cupcakes. If you’re a fan of cupcakes, I think you should try theirs ! I saw quite a number of customers bought their cupcakes.

20131017_161117Panda cupcakes ! I find this super cute loh !


The place is super cozy ! It’s very quiet and their background music is super nice ! I think their furniture are mostly from Ikea ! Haha !

20131017_175435And those who like natural air, you can enjoy your food and beverages outside the shop. Look ! It’s super cool right !


They have books and board games ! You can spend your time there reading the books or play board games with your friends !

20131017_162155Yong Jie bought this Belgian Chocolate Tart and he said it’s delicious ! Cost him $5.90 for this.


Xin Een and I tried their Macaroons . Not bad, $2.20 each . They have five flavours if I’m not wrong.


Yong Jie also bought banana cake. Taste like an ordinary banana cake. Cost him around $2.50 per slice. We also bought a pot of Organic Hot Vanilla Mint Tea which cost us $6 per pot which you can refill as much as you want until no taste haha . I’m not a tea fan so I don’t really like it. Yong Jie & Xin Een is a fan of teas and they love it so much ! It’s a must to try, according to them la. Haha ! Lucky I ordered my Lemonade which cost me $4. They have free flow of water too.


I can say Butter Studio is a great place for you to catch up with your friends. I had so much fun with this two scholars ! The staffs are very friendly and approachable too ! They even have power socket for us to charge our phone and laptop ! Their toilet is clean too ! Overall, we are satisfied with this cafe. They have two outlets . The one that we went is at Jalan Besar.

Butter Studio

Changi Airport, T3, #B2-13 (Daily 10am-11pm)
147 Jalan Besar (Sun-Thurs 12-11pm/ Fri, Sat 12-12mn/ Tues closed)

You can like their Facebook or visit their website for more information !


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