GOFRE , Arab St


Went out last night to catch up with my bestfriend. Initially, I wanted to go for some chill out session at Arab Street but it’s too crowded. Well, it’s a Sunday night, I was kind of expected it. We had dinner at Bugis Junction before we head to Arab Street. We went around Arab Street looking for less crowded cafe. After walking for about 20 minutes, we found an Ice Cream shop called Gofre. It was located next to a big road. It’s not a shop, more like a kiosk. But they have two tables with two chairs each. I think it’s a good place for you to chill with your friends and enjoy the breeze. Don’t bring the whole kampong because they don’t have enough seats ! 1381599_582545268448632_892221260_n20131027_211041

They are having Halloween special flavours. I ordered a set of ‘Frankenstein Ice Cream ( Chocolate & Mint flavour ) with waffle and a honey lemon. It was suppose to be soda but their machine is out of order so they replaced it with Honey Lemon. The whole set cost me around $8.90
20131027_211104Kenny ordered the same thing but he opt out for cup instead of waffles. He ordered two scoops of ‘Frankenstein and I think it cost him $5.80 ( $2.90 per scoop ) if Im not wrong. The Ice Cream is nice but I think I was too engrossed with the conversation so I forget how it really taste ! Hahaha ! The waffle is not like a normal crispy waffle but it’s nice ! It’s a Pandan waffle if I’m not wrong. Other than ‘Frankenstein flavour, they also have other flavour but it’s quite limited. They have around 6 to 8 flavours for us too choose.

GOFRE, the newly minted take-away ice cream & waffles parlour located in the modest spot opposite Golden Landmark Tower. It is the place to hit with homemade buttery crisp waffles topped with scoops of smooth creamy textured ice cream in assorted flavours. Personalise your own ice cream with choices of chocolate sauce, marshmallows, fruits, nuts or chocolate rice.

For coffee fanatics, savour a cup of robust and freshly brewed espresso or cappuccino blended from imported Arabica coffee beans by our cheerful and friendly barista. Crushed ice sodas, ice latte or frappe are also available on the menu to soothe your fiery thirst. Available in lip smacking fruity flavors.

It’s a nice place to chill especially at night because of the breeze and most of the shop is closed so it’s kinda peaceful. It’s halal certified too !


118 Arab street, Singapore, Singapore 199813


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