I’m a Staightforward Person


I’m a very straightforward person. I see no point in playing games, or twisting the truth. I say exactly what I think because I dislike beating around the bush. Its good because people can always trust me to give them an honest opinion but not everybody likes it because they only want to listen to praises, not criticism.

Because of that, I only straightforward talk to those who I’m comfortable with.

No matter how close we are, if I dislike something about you, I’ll tell you straight to the face, in a nice way possible. I’ll talk to you personally or via whatsapp, not in front of other people. For me, being straightforward is good because you let people know their mistake or you let them clarify if there is any misunderstanding. It’s a win-win situation too. If that person is wrong, they will probably apologise but if you are wrong, at least they have chance to clarify and things will back to normal. They won’t hate you because you are being honest but if they do, then I don’t think they are your true friend and that’s another downside

I think it’s better than keeping to yourself. If you keep to yourself, you will suffer and it won’t solve the problem too. You will keep thinking about it and you will end up bearing grudges and thus it will affect your friendship/relationship. Problems will not disappear unless you take action. Keeping to yourself and bearing grudges, that’s selfish.

Some people, they are not a straightforward kind of person and they dislike bottling things up. So what they do is they go around telling people about the problem. I think this is not a good idea. If you have a problem with person A, then it’s between you and that person A. Don’t drag others in.

Don’t hate me for being straightforward to you. It’s better than keeping to myself and bear grudges on you, or worse, going around telling people about you.

So in conclusion, I think being straightforward is the best way though not all can accept it. But I can’t change how I’ve always been, especially cos I like being this way. I’d hate to play games with people.

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