Last Friday, after dinner, my friends and I passed by this quirky little froyo shop and decided to satisfy our sweet (and sour) tooth. So we stopped by for some frozen goodness! It was a cute little shop that stood out, with its bright colour scheme.


Since it was a small shop, there were only 2 tables and a couple of chairs.

Once we got our froyos, we had to take pictures of it, because #foodporn! Hahahaha ok I’m lame.

So while we were enjoying the yogurt, we overheard the other table talking. We actually found out that they were the owner of the shop, and that he is the father of the family business of the yogurt shop. We also overheard that the shop had just opened not long ago.

Because, we found their story of the family business interesting, we wanted to find out more about their entrepreneurship story. And since they looked so friendly and approachable, we decided to do an impromptu interview.

So we approached to counter with a huge smiles and a notebook and started our interview right there and then.

It’s a  family business. The father opened the shop for his daughter who has just recently graduated from Temasek Polytechnic. Cool uhh.

So enough about the background of the shop, let’s get down to the frooyooo!!

It is 98% fat free yogurt that comes in 6 different flavours: passion fruit, blueberry, bubble gum, strawberry, mango, and their best seller, which is the original. However, due to the space constraints, they can only fit 2 froyo machines in at a time, which means 4 different flavours. Normally, they would swap flavours every 2 days. You can check the flavours of the day by following them on Instagram.

They also have a wide selection of toppings. Some of which include, partially crushed up Kit-Kat bars, gummies, fruit and oreo bits (which in my opinion, is a must-have topping for froyo!). They also mentioned that they encourage their customers to give suggestions on the toppings that they should provide.

Do you feel a sudden craving for refreshingly cold, sweet and sour, cup of low fat goodness? Head down to Block 201E Tampines Street 23 # 01-120 and enjoy a 20% discount off your yogurt up till the end of this month ( Dec 2013 )!! So hurry down there to get your froyos, and remember to bring your friends.

So if you stay around there, do check it out and support them! They are not only a yogurt shop, they sell ice cream and drinks too.

Oh. And 1 more thing, ITS HALAL CERTIFIED! So feel free to bring your Muslim friends along. Tampines Block 201 also has a lot of good food that is Halal Certified. But that story is for another blog post 😉 In the meantime, you and your friends can head down to block 201 for a sumptuous dinner, and then along to Frozilicious for some yummy desserts!


Block 201E Tampines Street 23 #01-120

Operating hours: 11.30 – 9.30 (Closed on Mondays)

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram them @Frozilicious !

H/P: 94506750

Written by: Mok Xin Een

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