Life after term test

I’m done with my mid sem test. I think I did badly and I already expected it from the start. I wont put any hope in doing as well as I did last semester. Whatever happen, life goes on.

Straight after my test ended last Wednesday, my classmates and I went to J.Co to celebrate. They bought Monopoly Deal Millionaire and we played four rounds. All four of them won one game each except for me. My tactics sucks la. I think I’m suck at everything haha.

I have to come back to school the next day which is my first day of holiday. Crazy right. Term break is not a real holiday for me. It’s just a break for me to finish up all my projects. I have tonnes of project that due next year. Yeah it may sound long to you but next month is already 2014 ! So I have to chiong and finish up all my project as much as I could so I wont be so stress when school reopen. In conclusion,  I have no time to enjoy my holiday so please dont feel upset if I have to reject any of your invitation. School work is my main priority.

After my Business Project Management meeting, I went dinner with my bestbro, Kenny. As usual, we have no idea where to go for dinner. Last semester we always eat expensive food and we always blame eachother for being so atas and not wanting to eat at normal foodcourt. Therefore, this semester,  we made a deal not to eat at restaurant and eat at U-Taste instead. Hahaha. And yeah we did ate at U-taste for dinner. That $2 chicken rice 🙂

After dinner, we were suppose to go do our IT Infrastructure project. Ironically, we chose Häagen-Dazs. So much of not eating expensive food. We had chocolate fondue which cost us 50 bucks ++ . Anyway it was a productive day.

The next day, I wanted to rest but I have to accompany my mum to ICA. So I went to meet her at Bouna Vista after my prayer.

I saw Wendy’s opposite ICA and decided to eat there. Nobody can resist their french fries. It’s so goooooood.

At night, I went to Geraldine’s birthday party.

Saturday, well I thought I can wake up late but I have school at 8am. Yeah Im not kidding. I have to attend Student Leadership Programme on a Saturday ! I managed to woke up at 6am but I’m too lazy to travel early in the morning. So I decided to go back to my dream. Oh ya, I had nightmare that night. Myanmar ghost.

That morning,  I can’t sleep peacefully because my phone keep vibrating. 10 conversations early in the morning,  you got to be kidding me. Most of them are talking about CDS selection. Bleah. I dont really care to share about my selection but all are either from school of business or school of humanities and social studies.

Since Im free that day, I travelled all the way to the end of Singapore just to watch Nathan Burton magic show with Qian Yi. I had two free tickets and I decided not to waste it since it cost 48 bucks each.

It was worth my time ! It was super hilarious especially the Ross Merlin’s part.

We took photo with them after the 1.5 hours show.


We had Yoguru after the show and I managed to finish up my BPM thingy.

We watched Firestorm after 3 hours of doing project. It was a quite a long movie, I like it since I love action movie especially those Hong Kong triad movie. Alot people die in this movie, and the ending a bit sucks. Overall rating is 3.5 out of 5.

After the movie, we went to Changi Airport and ton. I managed to do some research for my project but I spent half of my time there … sleeping. Haha .

I’m broke now . I spent alot of money during my study week and celebrating the end of term test. In conclusion, exam makes you bankrupt.

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