#blogwithLutefield : Sick Day = Rest Day

I’m down with fever and I have to cancel my plan for today. At last I can stay at home and have a good rest. Been lying on the bed the whole day. Tomorrow will be a long day.


I spent my day watching Korean drama instead of my normal cantonese triad movies. I managed to watch more than 10 episodes ! The drama is about rich and the poor. The rich guy fall for a poor girl and the rich family cannot accept their relationship, well what’s new, predictable storyline.


Park Shin Hye is damn gorgeous, my type of girl. I don’t really like to watch romance drama because I will think about my ex, Jacelyn. That 1.5 years of low profile relationship. I thought we are perfect couple but then nothing is perfect in this world. I told myself, Im going to take a break from relationship. I just wanted to concentrate on my studies and start to appreciate friendship. Even my mom does not encourage me to have a girlfriend now. On the brighter side, I can spend all my money on myself. I will enjoy being single for the rest of my poly life.

Okay crap, lets not talk about relationship. It’s not important. I don’t understand why people are too desperate to be in relationship. Lets enjoy your life being single before you get married.

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