The Coffee Shot , Cavan Rd


I’m bored and I’m using my phone to update my blog. Waiting for Ivy to come and I decided to go to the nearest cafe. Found a café called The Coffee Shot which located next to a busy road.


They frame their menu which I find it pretty cool rather than the normal book menu.


I ordered their Ice Chocolate Mint which cost me 6.5 bucks. Taste like an ordinary ice chocolate, nothing special. Though the glass is tall but it’s slim. It’s not worth the money. I can add another few more bucks and get large Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks which taste way better.


Ivy is super late so I decided to order their Double Chocolate Brownie w Vanilla Ice Cream. Cost me 7.5 bucks. Soft Brownie and it doesn’t taste that good. I think my school 3 bucks Brownie taste much better.


The place is quite comfy and cozy. Not much people due to the location. The staff are friendly. The toilet is clean and there are power plug available too.

It’s raining now. I love the view, I can sit there for hours and look at passing vehicles. It’s peaceful here, far away from the busy city. It’s a great place to chill but I’m not sure about their food and beverages. I think you have to try yourself but I warn you, their brownie is not nice ! Haha .

The Coffee Shot

103 Lavender Street

Mon, Wed – Sat: 10am to 10pm
Sunday: 9am to 7pm
Tuesday: CLOSED


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