#blogwithLutefield : Tonnes of Assignments


I have tonnes of assignments need to be done by next month and February. The amount of assignments is crazy ! I compiled everything and put it in table form so I can see easily. I even set it as my laptop wallpaper as a reminder.

This term break is not a holiday for me. It’s a period for me to finish up all my assignments. I can choose to enjoy but I don’t want to suffer when school reopen.

My cousin from Australia came to Singapore and I was suppose to go for family gathering. Instead, I went to my friend’s house to finish up my assignment and at the same time catch up with her. My mom told me that one of my auntie asked her why I never attend the gathering. My mom said I have school work to do and her son sarcastically said that ITE students have to work extra hard when they go to poly. Continue to look down at me and I don’t give a fuck.

For those who asked me out and kena rejected or postpone, I’m sorry. I think I did badly for my term test so I have to do well for my assignment in order to bounce back. Catch up with you all next time !

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