Beautiful Waterfall Belies Deadly Danger

Off my mobile data to save battery and now I’ve nothing to do in the bus. As usual, I’ll blog to kill time.


I saw a news this morning about a NUS student dies after falling off Gunung Stong in Kelantan. He was with a group of 22 others on a camping trip. He was said to have stood on the slippery cliff to enjoy the sunset before falling into the waterfalls below.

Rest in peace Lee Jun Jie.

So yeah, I nearly died when I went to a Sekayu Waterfall in March 2012. I went there for a school overseas camp. My batch was the first batch to go to Terengganu. Previous batches, they went to Pahang instead.


That morning, we went to the waterfall for hiking. We hike for about an hour to reach the top. I was the leader so I have to take care of other students. My assistant leader & the instructors lead the group while I stand right at the back.

It was tiring because we didnt had heavy breakfast in the morning. Im okay because hiking is my hobby. I love challenges.


When we reached to the top, the instructor told all of us that we will have the chance to swim later but not at this part of waterfall. We only going to rest there to remove the leech and wash our leg.


So I decided to wash my leg because it was too muddy. I removed my shoe & sock and stand on a big rock. The rock is covered  by algae and I slipped. I fell into the waterfall and the current pushed me to the middle of the waterfall.


At first I was calm but when the current sucked me in, I know something was wrong. I had hard time swimming because of the strong current. I shouted help. It was damn funny, I look like a fool seriously. At first my friends thought I was  playing around but when they saw me shouting for help like a mad man, they realised I wasn’t playing a joke.

Sadly, nobody try to save me hahaha so sad. All five instructors couldn’t do anything too because if they were to jump inside, they drown with me too. The water is freaking cold by the way. Super cold. I thought I was going to die and wanted to give up and let the nature swallow me up. But im too young to die !

I’m not a good swimmer. I remember skipping swimming test and swim with my bestfriend instead.  But because I don’t want to die, I try my very best to swim towards the big rock. I managed to do it and when I reach at the side of the waterfall, I left with 0 energy to climb up. The instructors have to pull me up.

Scariest memories ! Thank god I’m still alive. I have no idea how I managed to survive. Alot of people died there before. Something that I could not forget for the rest of my life.

Waterfall can be very dangerous. Keep these and the following notes in mind on your next waterfall outing.

Credit: Kevin Adams website

Don’t Go Near the Top of Waterfalls

It’s foolish to get too close to the top of a waterfall. Always follow this rule of safe hiking: Never put yourself into a position where you will be harmed seriously if you fall. When you stand at the edge of a cliff or waterfall, the slightest distraction can startle you.

Don’t Climb on Waterfalls

Experienced rock climbers wouldn’t attempt some of the things casual tourists do at waterfalls. It is simply not safe to climb a waterfall without proper climbing gear and training. You might think it’s no big deal as long as you don’t go very high, but it only takes a few feet to twist an ankle or break a leg.

Stay Out of Swift Currents

Stream currents are stronger and the water colder than most people realize. If you fall in, you can quickly lose control and become trapped in the current. Never cross a stream anywhere near the top of a waterfall.

Be Aware of Slippery Surfaces

The most common mishap at waterfalls is slipping on wet or algae-covered rocks. Admittedly, some rocks are not slick even when wet, and you can safely walk on them. The trouble is that these rocks are difficult to tell them apart from the dangerous ones. Even dry rocks can be slippery. Until you are sure of the footing, crouch low and inch yourself along.

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