Sanway , Muscat St

wpid-IMG_20140110_6.pngLast Saturday, I went to Bugis for school project. Whenever I go to Bugis, I always eat at Tong Seng. Sadly, Tong Seng closed down last year. So I have no idea where to have dinner. So I decided to try Moroccan sandwich at Arab Street with Kenny & Kerri.

wpid-IMG_20140110_7.pngIt’s just a small shop ! I love the design & the environment of the shop. It’s unique, very cozy and relaxing.

wpid-20140104_211504.jpgThe food was pretty decent. Kerri ordered BBQ Beef Wrap, $9.


I ordered footlong Ham Sandwich which cost $12.50 bundle with Mango Juice. Kenny ordered 6 inch Sandwich which cost $8.50 bundle with Mango Juice too. It taste like an ordinary western sandwiches, nothing special about it. Not that great but it doesn’t taste that bad either.

We waited for quite long for the food to arrive due to shortage of manpower. The service was very poor due to that but I can say, their staff are very friendly especially the owner of the restaurant. He gave us free drink, re heat our sandwich and even let us try one of the Moroccan food. The staff even lend me her umbrella so I can fetch Kenny since he is stuck in Bugis due to the heavy rain.

Sanway Deli Moroccan

30 Bussorah St, Singapore 199448, near to Sultan Mosque.


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