10 Types of Group Member You Need to Avoid

It’s been awhile since my last post. I’ve no time to update my blog due to the amount of homework assigned, having little time to complete it. I’ve to rush 7 projects in less than a month. I spent the whole month of  January & my first two weeks of February trying to complete my assignments. This month alone, I ton at Changi Airport twice just to complete my assignments.

Out of 7 assignments that I had, 6 of them are group projects. Group projects are designed to help us to improve on ability to lead and work as part of a team. It also helps us to prepare for working life where we will be working with different types of people. We all love group projects because we only have to do some of the work.

But as anyone who has ever worked in a team atmosphere knows, doing a project as a group is not easy. In this post, I’ll write about ten types of people you shouldn’t group with in group projects.

#1 The Celebrity Wannabe

The Celebrity Wannabe is the type of group member who always late for group meeting due to other commitment. Sometimes, they are the latest to reach and the earliest to go. If you are unlucky, they don’t even come at all. If they have other commitment such as working part time, school related stuff such as other school projects, then it’s okay. However, if they tell you that they cannot come for group meeting because they have to attend a birthday celebration, then don’t ever group with them because they don’t know how to differentiate which one is important and which one is less important.

 #2 The A-Z Spoon Feeding


This are the type of group member who love to be spoon fed. Sometimes, they are not stupid, they are just lazy and rely too much on others. This type of people, they don’t listen when teachers are explaining on how to do the projects, and then when time for them to do it, they will come to us and ask what they are suppose to do. Worse, they don’t even bother to read and understand the project requirements/questions. They will ask from A to Z and expect us to give the answer from A to Z. 

#3 The “Independent” Chiongster

If you are a lazy type of person, you will love them. They do everything by themselves and they treat it like an individual project instead of a group project. No, they don’t help you because they wanted to help you, they do this because they wanted to make sure that their marks won’t be affected because of other group member. They are always worried about their marks.

#4 The …

Why ” …. ” ? Because I’m speechless. I don’t even know how to describe this type of people. They always come to you when they need help, and when you are in need of help, they don’t even bother helping. This type of people, they are just making use of you. They are super self-centred. Beware of them. 

#5 The Bias


They only help the member that they are close to. They will teach those who are close to them from A to Z but to those who are not close to them, they just tell you how to do and expect you to try it yourself. Sometimes you can see the insincerity in them, they are not willing to help and they help for the sake of helping. 

#6 The Mute

They don’t contribute, they don’t bother replying group whatsapp, they always leave the group hanging. 

#7 The Diva

This type of people are always the group leader. They expect people to finish on time but they themselves don’t submit it on time. They abuse their power.

#8 The Latecomers


This type of people will make you come early and you end up wasting your time waiting for them to reach. They are never on time. They don’t like to wait for people but they are always the one making others wait for them.

#9 The Do for the Sake of Doing

Quality of the work is not important for this type of people. They just do for the sake of doing, for the sake of finishing their part. They don’t put any effort in it and they don’t care if their part will affect the group marks. 

#10 The Angkat Bola


The Angkat Bola is the most manipulative member of the group. They spends their time playing “friend” to the different group members, trying their best to stay on the good side of her project members. They usually does very little work but that is generally excused by the fact that they are the only person in the group who doesn’t make you want to stab yourself in the eye with a fork. They are willing to sit down and listen to you bitch about the project as long as you’re willing to speak highly of them in your group analysis at the end of the assignment.

If you have the opportunity to choose members for your group, choose carefully and consider everyone’s skills and abilities before making your decision. Don’t end up choosing any type of people mentioned above. If you end up being in the same group as those mentioned above, look at the positive side. Consider yourself lucky. The opportunity to work with difficult people in  school will give you the practice you need to deal with difficult co-workers in the post-graduation world.

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