Red Bridge in Singapore Poly is Really Haunted ?

Last Halloween, I posted a post about ITAS Block in Temasek Poly. Today, I’ll talk more about Red Bridge in Singapore Poly. There are a lot of stories about this bridge. Is Red Bridge really haunted ?


Red Bridge is a bridge that links Block T21 to Block T22. those who take the MRT from Dover towards Clementi, you may probably see a red coloured bridge.

From what I heard, there have been cases of suicide which took place more than 10 years ago. 

According to Tachikawa in keeptouch forum page, the red bridge wasn’t painted red originally. One night, there was this very distressed SP student. . She went up to the red bridge with a rope. 

The red bridge is pretty high up, located between 2 blocks in the School of Business of SP, which is up on a pretty steep hill. The bridge was on the 4th – 5th level, add that to the steep valley-like drop down below between both blocks makes it pretty scary. She tied the rope to the railings of the 2nd level (top) of the bridge. 

After tying, off she went. She took the plunge. Then a freaky thing happened. She must have jumped off with a tremendous amount of force. Once the rope reached its maximum tautness, the neck just couldn’t take the force, and literally split into two. The head was left tied to the rope, and the body just dropped down to the valley below. 

According to him, he is pretty sure that the incident did really happened because he read it in the papers. 

He added that he doesn’t know who decided to paint the bridge red. Other sources said that SP engaged a priest and the priest advise  to paint the bridge red to appease spirit. 

Fact or fiction? I’ll leave it up to your imagination. 


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