Where is the best place in Singapore to study overnight ?


Finally my year 2 sem 1 is finally over. It’s time for me to update my blog. It’s been a long time since I last post something here. So my first task is to update one of my blog post. This post is one of my top post therefore I think there is a need to update this post.

Well, the recent semester has been a really hectic one. Can you imagine, in less than 2 months, I had to complete 7 major projects and on top of that, I’ve other commitment such as presentation and class test too. I survived.

Been staying in school till late night every single day just to finish up my assignments. Sometimes, I didn’t go home because I know if I go home, I’ll sleep instead. I really cannot do homework at home. I will end up tonning outside to finish up my work.

I wish we could stay in school overnight to do our work. After 10pm, security guards will chase us out. So we have no choice but to find a 24 hours cafe to do our work. I used to do my work overnight in Starbucks or Coffee Bean but I get bored of studying there because there are no other shop which open except them. Sometimes, I need food to eat and the food sold in Starbucks or Coffee Bean is not my cup of tea.

After trying different kind of places to do my work overnight, I finally found the best place to do my assignment overnight or in other word, a place for me to ton to do my homework or to study.

And the place is none other than the best airport in the world, Changi Airport.

I lived in the North and Changi Airport is like the other end of Singapore but I don’t mind going there. One of the reason is because my school is only 15 minutes away from the Airport.

There are a lot of reason why Changi Airport is the best place to ton and study or do your assignment overnight.

1. Cafes with Power Socket + Coffee + Cakes + Wifi + 24hours

Power socket is a must thing to have when you study overnight. Even if your assignment does not require you to use laptop, we still need to charge our smartphone ! There are three cafes for you to choose :


– Coffee Bean ( terminal 2 ) :

Coffee Bean has only 2 power sockets if I’m not wrong but normally, there is only less than 5 customers on weekday’s midnight. Coffee Bean provides you with a free WiFi, you have to ask the barista for the username and password. I like Coffee Bean because it has lesser customer and the staff there are very friendly.


– Caffe Ritazza ( terminal 1 ) :

Big cafe with a free WiFi, password can be found in the receipt. Price is slightly cheaper than other cafes. They have 2 power points, each has 4 power sockets. 10% off total bill and regular cappuccino at $3.90 per cup for NTUC plus! cardholder. Less crowded compared to Starbucks.


– Starbucks ( terminal 1 & 2 ) :

Slighly more crowded than the other two cafes mainly because more people prefers Starbucks drink. The one in Terminal 3 only open for 24hours on Friday & weekends. I only went to Terminal 3 Starbucks. They have quite a number of power points. I’m not too sure about the other Starbucks in Terminal 1 & 2 but normally Starbucks Cafe comes with a power sockets.


– Panapolis ( terminal 3 ) NEW!

Panopolis offers simply delicious and inspiring sandwiches and pastries from around the world. At Panopolis, all breads are freshly baked and filled throughout the day. They have a study table with few power sockets and a free wi-fi ! Panapolis is a halal certified cafe too.


– Krispy Kreme ( terminal 2 ) NEW!

The newly opened Krispy Kreme is a new spot to study in Changi Airport! A 24 hours Krispy Kreme ! They do have power sockets but you have to use your own hotspot for internet connection. Very comfortable and various type of doughnut to keep you awake throughout the night !


-Paris Baguette Cafe ( Terminal 2 ) NEW!

I’m not sure if they have power sockets or wifi but Paris Baguette in Changi Airport is 24 hours !

2. Atas Cafes

If you prefers to do your work in a more high-class cafe, you can head to :

– The Connoisseur Concerto ( Terminal 3 )

coffee club

– O’Coffee Club ( Terminal 3 )

I’m not sure if they have power socket. You can check first.

3. Clean toilets !


Toilet is a must thing to have too when you ton. Changi Airport toilet is very clean and you can find toilet every 50 metres ! Made my life easier !

4. Convenience Store

For me, I can’t study without something to munch. Sometimes I’m stingy to spend more than 5 bucks on cakes so I’ll go to the nearest convenience store to buy chocolates or biscuit to make me awake.

– Cheers ( Terminal 2 & 3 )
– 7-11 ( Terminal 1 )

5. Light Supper ! 

It’s normal to feel hungry while tonning. Sometimes, you don’t want to eat alot. You just wanna grab a toast bread to fill up your empty stomach. Don’t worry, you can find it here easily :


– Heavenly Wang ( Terminal 2 & 3 )
– Ya Kun Kaya Toast ( Terminal 3 )
– Toast Box ( Terminal 3 )
– Wang Cafe ( Terminal 1 )
– Coffee & Toast ( Terminal 1 )

6. Heavy & Affordable Supper

Sometimes, toast bread is not enough. No worries, you can have your meal at the nearest 24hrs fast food restaurants. It’s value for money !


– Burger King ( Terminal 1 & 2 )
– KFC ( Terminal 1 )
– McDonald’s ( Terminal 2 & 3 )
– 4 Fingers ( Terminal 3 ) ( open till 1am on fri & sat )
– Ruyi ( Terminal 1 )

7. Heavy and Quality Supper

Some people don’t eat fast food. No worries, there are other restaurant that you can go but be prepared to spend more.

– Ananda Bhavan ( Terminal 2 ) : Satisfy your cravings for Indian food with a variety of South & North Indian vegetarian food items from appam to thosai, and prata.
– Pastamania ( Terminal 3 ) : YES ! A 24 hours Pastamania ! Italian cuisine for supper !

– Swensen’s ( Terminal 2 ) : Craving for ice cream in the middle of the night ! Head to Swensens !

8. 24 hours GongCha & Dunkin Donuts 


Prefer bubble tea over coffee ? GongCha in Terminal 2 operates 24 hours ! If you want donuts, Dunkin Donuts in Terminal 3 operates 24 hours on Friday, Saturday & Sunday !

9. Internet Access 

If you prefer to surf on the go, you can stay connected with Wireless@SG, a free wireless broadband network.

Surf up to 1Mbps with Singapore’s free wireless network.

  1. Get a temporary login ID and password at any Information Counter.
  2. Connect to the network “Wireless@SG”.
  3. Launch your browser to access the login page.
  4. Select the service provider “StarHub” and enter the login details given

10. Napping Areas ! UPDATED

In Changi Airport, you can take a nap anywhere without being judge by the passer-by. It’s clean, quiet and more importantly, it’s comfortable ! Don’t forget your jacket, it can be very cold. If you are loaded and prefer to take a nap on a nice mattress , you can go to The Haven in Terminal 3 !

The Haven is the only Pay-Per-Use Lounge located in the public area at Singapore Changi Airport.


Passengers who use The Haven will have a comfortable area for resting or freshening up before their next engagement. Our attentive Guest Relations Officers will be at service to help in any way while you relax after or before a long flight.

The Haven is ideal for any traveller who may require a shower, rest or working area before hotel check-in is available and after checking out while waiting for a late night flight.


The nap room package is inclusive of a shower, meal as well as lounge access.

Minimum usage of 3 hours is charged at S$50++ . Extension is charged at S$13++ per hour.

11. Shower Room UPDATED

No shower room in the Changi Airport Toilet. If you really need one and you want to go to school straight from Airport, you can shower at The Haven.


The shower room allows guest to freshen up. The shower room is equipped with a relaxing rain shower , restroom facilities, washbasin and a built-in hairdryer. Bath towel and shower amenities (shampoo, shower gel, hair conditioner) will be provided with the package. There are a total of 13 shower rooms.

Each shower room is charged at S$14++.

12. Hotel


If you are loaded and have no idea where to spend the money, you can just book a hotel room at Crowne Plaza Hotel and have a good sleep after doing your assignments.

13. Baggage Service

To have your bags looked after, should you wish to shop free of luggage or if you need to leave the airport and come back later, you can visit their Left Baggage counters. This payable service is available 24 hours daily and is provided by Harilela Hospitality Pte Ltd in Terminal 1 and EASYBAGY in Terminals 2 and 3.


When you are stress or tired of studying, you can just take a short walk around the airport. It’s so peaceful ! You can go to the viewing gallery and look at the planes. Oh yah, you can take your own sweet time choosing which terminal to study at but do it before the last tram. Last tram is at 2.30am.

Enjoy studying and I hope this post will help you decide where to ton to finish up your assignment or revise for your exam.

Here are the list of public buses that goes to Changi Airport.

24, 27, 34, 36, 53, 858 


27 thoughts on “Where is the best place in Singapore to study overnight ?

  1. I was surfing the net to check out cafes that I could do my assignments at and I came across this post! A note for whoever that is going to read this, Panopolis has really good coffee as in the caffeine is really strong. I just went yesterday and ordered a cafe latte and had my last sip at 10pm and I couldn’t sleep at all the entire night. I only fell asleep around 7am to wake up at 9am again. I barely have gotten any proper sleep but I’m not tired even now. Their coffee really works if you need that extra boost for the night to chiong your assignments. They don’t have fancy drinks, just your plain hot and iced coffee and maybe some fruit juice and bottle drinks. They do have sandwiches, pastas and pizza and they come in a set with regular coffee/tea. l haven’t tried everything on their menu to be able to give a feedback, but I would go back there for their coffee. There wasn’t a lot of people there at the cafe so I didn’t feel the pressure sitting their for hours. They have a few power sockets but note that the wifi is not that strong. *as strong as tp secure*
    Thankyou for the post, now I know there’s napping areas in the airport if I ever need to study overnight at the Changi Airport. My favourite place to study is the airport too. I especially love airports in general and love the wide and bright space there, it makes studying/chionging assignments a lot more relaxing.

    • Hi YY, yes you are allowed to book room or shower room at The Haven even if you are not a travellers. No worries I have contacted The Haven before posting this post . Enjoy your day 🙂

    • Hi cupboard, this post is a copy of my previous post which i posted early this year. I think they increased the rates . Thank you for your info, i will make the necessary amendment asap 🙂

  2. Thanks for the post! But this also means more people will be in the airport to study 😛
    I think after reading your post the one that will be more crowded than usual will be maybe Caffe Ritazza? Since as what you stated, it’s cheap and less crowded xD

  3. Hi! I would like to ask what is the minim age required for booking/using The Haven and a room at The Crowne Plaza 🙂 because I’m a student studying with friends and we’re either under 18 or it’s a mixed gender group… Would we be allowed to use the rooms? Thanks! 🙂

  4. If you had to pay to use a conducive environment to study, will you do so?

    1. Free WiFi
    2. Inexpensive food and drinks
    3. Chargeable printing services
    4. Availability of power sockets
    5. Comfortable work space.
    6. Ipad rental
    7. Free desktop usage
    8. Special rooms for group discussion.
    9. Easily accessible in the heart lands (Bishan, Hougang, ang mo kio)

    With these facilities, will you pay $1-2/hour to study?

  5. Which of the above cafe do you prefer to study at the most? Coffee Bean?
    So far I’ve only been to Panapolis, Starbucks and Krispy Kreme. Unfortunately Krispy Kreme has no locked all their power sockets and want us to charge at the charging stations instead 😦

  6. Tried studying and Desk Next Door at block 416 ang mo kio ave 10. Super conducive and affordable, best thing is that they provide free wifi, water dispenser and charging point. Best place to study in singapore

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