Going to Batam ? BEWARE !

The wait is over ! School holiday are finally here ! That means for the whole of next two months, there would be no assignments, no presentations and no test to prepare for !

I’m glad that I have no exam this semester. I will have more time to blog and spend more time with my non-poly friends !


Since school holiday are here, some of you will spend your holiday overseas. Those who are going to BATAM, do take note that they have recently imposed a new rules.


The new rules bans talking loudly or using mobile phones at their immigration checkpoint and the officers have recently started enforcing the rules strictly.

How strict ? Stricter than you and I would have imagined.

So what’s the punishment for talking loudly or using phone ? DEPORTATION !

Yes, I’m not kidding. They will send you back to Singapore. Try and beg them, they won’t listen to you. This is how strict they are. Imagine, just because you talk, you get deported. Hahaha I find it super funny. Nobody expected the penalty to be this harsh haha.

So mean right haha ? Imagine you paid like 50 bucks and took an hour ferry ride to Batam, and when you reached there, you talk and get deported.

The reason for imposing this rules is because the immigration officers needed the place to be quiet to maintain order so that the tourist can hear them when they called their names.

The rules are ridiculous but we as an outsider, we should respect their rules. We also want tourist to follow our country rules when they are in Singapore right ?

So yeah. You may find their rules ridiculous or weird but not as ridiculous/weird as our “chewing gums” rules.

Rules sucks, but what can we do ? Suck thumb lohhhh ..

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