BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore presented by SC Global

wpid-img_20141024_1.pngLast week, I tweeted that I wanted to watch WTA Finals match. This week, I received 20 tickets to watch Serena Williams vs Genie Bouchard. I only took 5 tickets because I’m afraid that I can’t find people to watch with me. Wanted to do a give-away to my readers but they don’t allowed me to.

I’m so excited because it’s Serena Williams’ match. She is the world number one.

I’m quite shocked that most of my friends doesn’t know what is WTA Finals. WTA stands for Women Tennis Association.

WTA Finals is the most prestigious event on WTA calendar where the Top 8 singles players and the Top 8 doubles teams will compete for a $6.5 million purse.

Singapore will be hosting the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Championships from 2014 to 2018. Yay ! For the next 5 years, the top 8 will come to Singapore to compete.
wpid-img_20141024_4.pngWe came slightly late because my friends wanted to have dinner first.

I really love the atmosphere there . 
wpid-img_20141024_2.pngIt’s selfie time. I’m trying the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 front camera. wpid-img_20141024_5.png Serena Williams vs Genie Bouchard. Serena won the match 6-1 6-1. Easy match for Serena. Game over in less than an hour. Congrats Serena.

The best part is when Serena wallops serve at 205 km/h. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW ! wpid-img_20141024_6.png wpid-img_20141024_3.pngWe watched one set of the double match. Sania and Black won the match. Congrats to them.

The double match is much more intense.

We didn’t get the chance to watch the rest of the match but overall, I really enjoyed it !

Thank you Desmond for the tickets !


ION’s 5th Anniversary Fashion Concert ft. Daughtry

Last Friday night, I went to ION Square for their 5th Anniversary Fashion Concert. It was my first fashion show and I was damn excited for it.

Daughtry performed that night !

wpid-img_20141018_163204.jpgMy outfit of the night. I’m glad that I’m not the only one wearing jacket. I didn’t know ION Square is outdoor. Yeah it was damn hot because of the spotlight.

wpid-img_20141017_1.png#Stepppppppppppppppppppp 😛

wpid-img-20141018-wa0014.jpgPaul Foster and Keagan Kang.

wpid-img-20141018-wa0008.jpg wpid-img-20141018-wa0013.jpgThe mosh pit blocked my view.
wpid-img-20141018-wa0015.jpg wpid-img-20141018-wa0017.jpg wpid-img-20141018-wa0019.jpg wpid-img-20141018-wa0021.jpg wpid-img-20141018-wa0023.jpg wpid-img-20141018-wa0026.jpg wpid-img-20141018-wa0027.jpgSome of the freshest AW’14 threads!

wpid-img-20141018-wa0010.jpgFree flow drink & foodsssssssss. Free flow Haagen-Dasz too !

wpid-img-20141018-wa0031.jpgDAUGHTRY ! 
wpid-img-20141018-wa0034.jpgHe sang 10 songs in total.

Baptized, Feels Like Tonight, Over You, Life After You, What About Now, It’s Not Over, Battleships, Home, September and Waiting for Superman.

wpid-img-20141018-wa0033.jpgHalf way through the concert, it started to rain. All the VIPs have to leave the place.
wpid-img-20141018-wa0032.jpgWe went back to our seat after the rain stopped.

Thank you ION for this luxurious door gift, ION Orchard Signature Scent. My room now smells like ION HAHAHA 🙂

Yeah I really enjoyed the night.

What a way to enjoy my last week of holiday .

And I would like to thank The New Paper and ION for the VIP pass 🙂

2014 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix


Second year watching F1 ! Watched in 2011 and suppose to watch last year too but I sold away my tickets because I’m not free.

So far, this is the best seat. In 2011, I watched in Republic Granstand which is not as shiok as Pit Grandstand.

On top of that, I got a pair of passes to The Thursday Pit Lane Experience, Rev Up Singapore.

Usually accessible only to Formula One Paddock ClubTM ticketholders over the race weekend, the Pit Lane Walk offers participants an exclusive first-hand view of the team garages at the Pit Building.

wpid-img-20140919-wa0009.jpgIn love with their new colours ! No more Red, White and Black.

wpid-img-20140918-wa0027.jpg wpid-img-20140919-wa0002.jpg wpid-img-20140918-wa0020.jpg Vettel came out a few minutes after I took this photo. Starstruck haha .wpid-img_20140919_2.png wpid-img_20140919_1.png Exclusive first-hand view of the team garages at the Pit Building. All teams are busy preparing.

Nothing much I can do that night. I wanted to buy a Red Bull Racing shirt but 150 bucks for a shirt is like a total waste of money. Me being cheapskate, I decided not to buy it.

On Friday & Saturday, I went there to watch F1 practice & qualifying session. I went there early to watch the Masters Historic Racing too.

wpid-img-20141019-wa0000.jpg wpid-img-20141019-wa0001.jpg wpid-img-20141019-wa0002.jpg

Masters Historic Racing’s car. The cars is super loud. Louder than a Formula 1 cars. IMG_8414

Our seat is facing the Singapore Flyer. Look stunning at night !IMG_8387And the podium is just opposite us. I don’t need to walk out from my seat to witness the prize ceremony !

IMG_8353Pit Grandstand.

IMG_8361What a nice view !

wpid-img_20140921_6.pngwpid-img_20140921_7.pngActing like a tourist 🙂

wpid-img_20140921_5.png wpid-img_20140928_2.png

Saturday was the best day because it starts to rain after the Qualifying session ended. We watched Robbie Williams’ concert in the rain.

We didn’t stay long because it was super crowded and I can barely see Robbie Williams.

We went for supper instead.

On the race day, I went with my dad since he is a die hard fan of Formula 1.

IMG_8446 IMG_8439 IMG_8435This is the reason why I love my seat.

IMG_8562 IMG_8556 IMG_8518 Safety car ! Sexy ~IMG_8482The finishing line.

IMG_8613 IMG_8611 IMG_8607 IMG_8601 IMG_8620The fireworks is just behind us.


IMG_8649 IMG_8665

Congrats Hamilton though I’m not your fan haha .

By far, the best race I have ever been to. It was damn tiring because we have to walk quite a distance to our seat. I really enjoyed it. Robbie Williams, John Legend and Jennifer Lopez rock the stage !

I don’t like crowded places, so I walked off after listening to their opening song. 60000 attended J.Lo concert ! Crazy man.

Singapore has to be the best F1 race on calendar ! The atmosphere is amazing !

So yeah, lastly, I would like to thank The Straits Times and Singapore Airlines for the tickets 🙂

Diploma in Big Data Management & Governance.

Last week, I was asked by my course coordinator to do a photo shoot for Temasek Poly’s newly launched course, Diploma in Big Data Management & Governance. It came out in The New Paper last week.


I don’t really like to do a photo shoot but at the same time, I don’t want to reject my CC request.

Anyway, that’s not my main point. I’m here to explain more about this new course. It’s my twin diploma. It’s pretty similar to my course. Same same but different. LOL

So what’s Big Data Management and Governance is all about ? It’s a course with BIG demand, BIG opportunities, BIG traits and BIG potential !


10527393_678980282168038_7434864183643614298_n 10357584_684898344909565_1421447749707287779_n 1477409_689583991107667_2654698133678601727_n

Big Data is a BIG DEAL !

Have you ever wondered how much information there is about you in cyberspace and in various computer systems ? Do you know you are generating information all the time when you use Facebook, buy something on eBay, post comments on a blog, buy a movie ticket ? Information is power. If you are someone with a curious mind who wants to be in control of information, then this course is for you.

What will you learn ?

In your first year, you will learn how to extract information and evaluate it. You will also obtain a strong foundation in Computer Science.

In your second year, you will learn how to manage Big Data, such as those that Facebook and Google collect and store. You will also learn to ensure the quality of the data you extract and how to manage its privacy, because wrong data can result in wrong predictions that may have a significant impact on businesses and lives.

By your third year, you would have learnt how to ‘mine’ Big Data. You will work with companies or organisations, locally or overseas, on Big Data projects.

Cool isn’t it ?

If you are interested to know more about this course, feel free to visit their website or visit their booth during Open House on January 8-10.

How to Throw a Successful 21st Birthday Party ?

Hey people . If you are planning to organise your own birthday party, please plan in in advance. You wouldn’t want to screw up your birthday party right ?

So yeah, get more people to help you especially your siblings or your close friends. Try to get help from people of your age. Different generation have different taste haha.

If you plan it in advance, you do not need to rush. You will have more time to do research and at the same time, it can help you save money too !

Venue is the most important part when planning for your birthday. You need to make sure that your venue is able to hold the number of people that you are going to invite.

Secondly, you need to make sure that your food is enough for the guests. There are a lot of caterers out there and if you do your research properly, you can save money !

Thirdly, make sure that you organise some activities for the guests. Do a mass activity such as games ! Trust me, you won’t have time to entertain all your guests.

Dress code is important too to make sure that you stand out from the rest. Try not to set a complicated dress code and burden your guests.

Theme is not really important for guys but for girls, it’s like a must thing for them

I didnt organise a birthday party for my 21st this year because I’m not a fan of birthday party.

I may or may not organise my 22nd next year. I already started to do my research. I haven’t made up my mind if I should or should not throw a party.

I have long list of guests. More than 200 and I’m afraid that I will screw it up haha. On top of that, I think it’s better for me to use the money and shop instead haha.

I do not want to mix my families and friends together and it’s a hassle to host two sessions.

Anyway, if you are doing research for your birthday party, you can get inspired from local bloggers’ birthday party. You can get ideas from them ! Happy browsing !

Randy’s 21st Birthday Party

Ran 1 Ran

Venue : Sands Suite @ Marina Bay Sands
Total Number of Pax : Approx 80
Theme : Not Stated

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Kaviel’s 21st Birthday Party

Keviel keviel 1

Venue : Suite @ Hotel Fort Canning
Total Number of Pax : Approx 60
Theme : Not Stated

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Edward Rino’s 21st Birthday Party

edw edw 1

Venue : Apartment in Central
Total Number of Pax : Not Stated
Theme : Black & Gold

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Rachel Wong’s 21st Birthday Party

rachel 1 rachel

Venue : Ocean Suite @ Equarius Hotel
Total Number of Pax : Not Stated
Theme : Not Stated

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Shanice’s 21st Birthday Party

shanice 1 shanice

Venue : The Muffinry
Total Number of Pax : Not Stated
Theme : Vintage

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Nich’s 21st Birthday Party

nich 1 nich

Venue : The Ritz Carlton
Total Number of Pax : Approx 50
Theme : Black & Green

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Cassandra’s 21st Birthday Party

cass cass 1

Venue : Savannah Condo Park
Total Number of Pax : Not Stated
Theme : Not Stated

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Valentina’s 21st Birthday Party

valentina 1 valentina

Venue : Pasir Ris Bungalow
Total Number of Pax : Approx 100
Theme : Not Stated

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Donna’s 21st Birthday Party

donna donna 1

Venue : Donna’s Crib
Total Number of Pax : Not Stated
Theme : Minions

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Ely’s 21st Birthday Party

ely ely 1

Venue : Cafe
Total Number of Pax : Approx 35
Theme : Denim

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Michelle’s 21st Birthday Party

michelle michelle 1

Venue : MOE Sports & Recreation Club
Total Number of Pax : Approx 80
Theme : Red, Gold & Silver

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Fidelis’ 21st Birthday Party

fidelis fidelis 1

Venue : NSRCC Bungalow
Total Number of Pax : Not Stated
Theme : Mardi Gras

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Rebecca’s 21st Birthday Party

rebecca 1 rebecca

Venue : St Regis
Total Number of Pax : Not Stated
Theme : Not Stated

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Shenny’s 21st Birthday Party

shenny 1 shenny

Venue : NSRCC
Total Number of Pax : Not Stated
Theme : Not Stated

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Tammy’s 21st Birthday Party

tammy tammy 1

Venue : Marina Bay Sands
Total Number of Pax : Not Stated
Theme : Not Stated

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Shiberty’s 21st Birthday Party

shiberlty shiberlty 1

Venue : Moonstone Yakitori Sake Bar
Total Number of Pax : Approx 30
Theme : Glitter Glamour

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Rochelle’s 21st Birthday Party

rochelle rochelle 1

Venue : Marina Bay Sands
Total Number of Pax : Approx 85
Theme : Hunger Games

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Sera’s 21st Birthday Party

sera sera 1

Venue : Lloyd’s Inn
Total Number of Pax : Approx 40
Theme : Not Stated

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Jolene’s 21st Birthday Party

jolene 1 jolene

Venue : Executive Suite @ Orchard Hotel
Total Number of Pax : Not Stated
Theme : Not Stated

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Aurelia’s 21st Birthday Party

aurelia aurelia 1

Venue : Equarius Hotel
Total Number of Pax : Not Stated
Theme : Old Hollywood Glam

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* All photos taken from respective blog .