2014 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix


Second year watching F1 ! Watched in 2011 and suppose to watch last year too but I sold away my tickets because I’m not free.

So far, this is the best seat. In 2011, I watched in Republic Granstand which is not as shiok as Pit Grandstand.

On top of that, I got a pair of passes to The Thursday Pit Lane Experience, Rev Up Singapore.

Usually accessible only to Formula One Paddock ClubTM ticketholders over the race weekend, the Pit Lane Walk offers participants an exclusive first-hand view of the team garages at the Pit Building.

wpid-img-20140919-wa0009.jpgIn love with their new colours ! No more Red, White and Black.

wpid-img-20140918-wa0027.jpg wpid-img-20140919-wa0002.jpg wpid-img-20140918-wa0020.jpg Vettel came out a few minutes after I took this photo. Starstruck haha .wpid-img_20140919_2.png wpid-img_20140919_1.png Exclusive first-hand view of the team garages at the Pit Building. All teams are busy preparing.

Nothing much I can do that night. I wanted to buy a Red Bull Racing shirt but 150 bucks for a shirt is like a total waste of money. Me being cheapskate, I decided not to buy it.

On Friday & Saturday, I went there to watch F1 practice & qualifying session. I went there early to watch the Masters Historic Racing too.

wpid-img-20141019-wa0000.jpg wpid-img-20141019-wa0001.jpg wpid-img-20141019-wa0002.jpg

Masters Historic Racing’s car. The cars is super loud. Louder than a Formula 1 cars. IMG_8414

Our seat is facing the Singapore Flyer. Look stunning at night !IMG_8387And the podium is just opposite us. I don’t need to walk out from my seat to witness the prize ceremony !

IMG_8353Pit Grandstand.

IMG_8361What a nice view !

wpid-img_20140921_6.pngwpid-img_20140921_7.pngActing like a tourist 🙂

wpid-img_20140921_5.png wpid-img_20140928_2.png

Saturday was the best day because it starts to rain after the Qualifying session ended. We watched Robbie Williams’ concert in the rain.

We didn’t stay long because it was super crowded and I can barely see Robbie Williams.

We went for supper instead.

On the race day, I went with my dad since he is a die hard fan of Formula 1.

IMG_8446 IMG_8439 IMG_8435This is the reason why I love my seat.

IMG_8562 IMG_8556 IMG_8518 Safety car ! Sexy ~IMG_8482The finishing line.

IMG_8613 IMG_8611 IMG_8607 IMG_8601 IMG_8620The fireworks is just behind us.


IMG_8649 IMG_8665

Congrats Hamilton though I’m not your fan haha .

By far, the best race I have ever been to. It was damn tiring because we have to walk quite a distance to our seat. I really enjoyed it. Robbie Williams, John Legend and Jennifer Lopez rock the stage !

I don’t like crowded places, so I walked off after listening to their opening song. 60000 attended J.Lo concert ! Crazy man.

Singapore has to be the best F1 race on calendar ! The atmosphere is amazing !

So yeah, lastly, I would like to thank The Straits Times and Singapore Airlines for the tickets 🙂

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