ION’s 5th Anniversary Fashion Concert ft. Daughtry

Last Friday night, I went to ION Square for their 5th Anniversary Fashion Concert. It was my first fashion show and I was damn excited for it.

Daughtry performed that night !

wpid-img_20141018_163204.jpgMy outfit of the night. I’m glad that I’m not the only one wearing jacket. I didn’t know ION Square is outdoor. Yeah it was damn hot because of the spotlight.

wpid-img_20141017_1.png#Stepppppppppppppppppppp 😛

wpid-img-20141018-wa0014.jpgPaul Foster and Keagan Kang.

wpid-img-20141018-wa0008.jpg wpid-img-20141018-wa0013.jpgThe mosh pit blocked my view.
wpid-img-20141018-wa0015.jpg wpid-img-20141018-wa0017.jpg wpid-img-20141018-wa0019.jpg wpid-img-20141018-wa0021.jpg wpid-img-20141018-wa0023.jpg wpid-img-20141018-wa0026.jpg wpid-img-20141018-wa0027.jpgSome of the freshest AW’14 threads!

wpid-img-20141018-wa0010.jpgFree flow drink & foodsssssssss. Free flow Haagen-Dasz too !

wpid-img-20141018-wa0031.jpgDAUGHTRY ! 
wpid-img-20141018-wa0034.jpgHe sang 10 songs in total.

Baptized, Feels Like Tonight, Over You, Life After You, What About Now, It’s Not Over, Battleships, Home, September and Waiting for Superman.

wpid-img-20141018-wa0033.jpgHalf way through the concert, it started to rain. All the VIPs have to leave the place.
wpid-img-20141018-wa0032.jpgWe went back to our seat after the rain stopped.

Thank you ION for this luxurious door gift, ION Orchard Signature Scent. My room now smells like ION HAHAHA 🙂

Yeah I really enjoyed the night.

What a way to enjoy my last week of holiday .

And I would like to thank The New Paper and ION for the VIP pass 🙂

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