School is Boring because you’re a Boring Person

School is not the most exciting or thrilling thing invented, but it is compulsory to go to. You left with no choice but to drag yourself to school every damn morning.

But is school that boring?. No, school is not boring, studying is. School is one of the best place in my life. I don’t enjoy studying but I do enjoy going to school. If you think school is a boring place, I guess the problem is you.

If you are a boring person, anywhere you go will be boring to you. If you want school to be not a boring place to go to, then you make it not boring! Do something that makes you want to go to school.

Organising event is my hobby but to start any event, I have to join a club. I don’t really like the idea of joining a club because of the politics. So I YOLO and created my own club.

After secondary school, I decided to go to  ITE because the courses that they offered me is not the course that I want. During my first year in ITE, I went to a leadership camp and I enjoyed it but I feel that there are room of improvement to make the camp more enjoyable and meaningful.

So I proposed my idea in front of 10 directors and they approved my proposal to form a committee to organise a 4 days 3 nights leadership camp. With the help of my fellow committee members, we managed to plan a leadership camp in less than 3 months which we called ‘CAMP IGNITE’.

I wanted my camp to be special. I want them to learn leadership in different ways. Flag making is a must to give them sense of identity. I didn’t expect my camper to be this creative.

I also want them to get wet. Other than the usual wet game activities, I want my camper to try water sports. Therefore, I included dragon boat in my programme flow.


Water sports alone is not enough. I also want them to play new sports so we decided to have dodge ball as our land sports activity.


To make the camp more exciting and unique, I also added Masterchef Challenge. I’m very impressed with the quality of the food that they produced with budget of $10 per group.


Night walk is a must for every camp. It’s an activity that campers are excited for. I ditched the idea of having night walk in school because it’s not scary enough. So I brought my campers to Macritchie instead.


Since it’s a leadership camp, we do have leadership talk. Normally, leadership talk is the most boring part but surprisingly, my campers love it and our leadership talk rating never go down below 8.5 . Our leadership talk is done by our committee members.

We also have various kind of activities to bond the campers. We usually stick to the same games unless the rating is below 8.5 .

What is camp without campfire?. And what is campfire without performance.


I also want my camper to give back to the society. Community project is part of the camp programme. Usually, they will do the community project on their last day of the camp.

This is how i make myself busy throughout my 2 years in ITE. I always look forward to meet my exco. Planning can be stressful but they make it fun. I miss them 😦


This year, we will have the 5th batch of Camp Ignite committee. Eventhough I graduated from ITE 3 years ago, my camp is still alive. Thanks to my committee and thanks to the school for believing in my camp.

After I left ITE and joined Temasek Polytechnic, I thought I wont be able to create my own event because TP has a lot of camp and it’s a bit redundant to create Camp Ignite in TP. I decided to just concentrate on my studies.

However, I got bored of school especially after I parted ways with my bestfriend. So I decided to do something new. I decided to sell t-shirts and all the proceed will be donated to student needy fund. It is not easy because it’s something new for me. Furthermore, I have to do it with zero budget. It’s different from Camp Ignite where I get up to 10k of budget.


P2 - BagsP2 - BundlesP2 - CardsP2 - Shirts

Last year my team and I managed to raised $30,000 and we are doing it again this year. It’s challenging and at the same time it’s fun! I feel so good to see people wearing the shirt.

Camp Ignite is the reason why I look forward for school during my ITE years and TPXXV is the reason why I look forward for school in my poly years. I don’t mind coming to school early and leaving school at night because I’m doing what I like.

There is no politics in my team and that’s the reason why everything went smoothly. People asked me why I waste my time on this. I don’t think I’m wasting my time. I gained new knowledge, new experience and new friendships too. It’s something that I like so why not? .

Do something that you like and you will love school as much as you love your house. It gave me motivation to go to school too.

So yeah, if you are interested to know more about Camp Ignite, do like our Facebook page here.

If you are interested to know more about my XXV products, do follow us on instagram here. We will have another round of pre-order late this month so do follow us now!.




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