18 Things Poly Freshmen Need To Take Note !


Hey secondary school and ITE graduates. By now, you should know which poly you are going to.

First of all, congratulations on making into poly !

You all must be very excited to start your new school life. Well , before you embark on your new journey, here are some guidelines that you should take note of.

1. People Will Judge You on What You Wear. 

You all are aware that there isn’t any uniform for poly students. In fact, this is one of the main reason why students chose poly over Junior College. It’s dull and boring when students come to school everyday with the same clothing.

Well, you have freedom now. You have freedom to wear what you want.


Do take note that most people will judge you on what you wear. You need to be careful especially female students. It can be very annoying because you thought that you can have freedom to wear whatever you want but nahhh .

People do criticise on my fashion too. I get comment like ” why you always wear chequered shirt ” , ” why you always wear jeans, not hot meh “. To be honest, i did stop wearing chequered shirt and I bought myself shorts haha. It’s up to you whether you want to see the criticism as a constructive one or you want to see it as a negative criticism. I took it as a constructive criticism and learn from it.

Not all people are like that, sometimes I do received a lot of compliments too.

My advice for guys is, you can wear simple and plain but refrain from wearing basketball shorts to school. It makes you look sloppy. Same goes to slippers. I do judge people who wear slippers to school HAHA.

For girls, shorts which is too short make you look like a slut. You classrooms are air-conditioned, cover it. Unless you have a sexy leg, then I don’t mind hahaha. Oh kidding. Wear maxi skirt, I love girls with maxi skirt ! Tank top makes you look sloppy too.

Okay enough I’m not a fashion advisor. So I should not say much haha. Don’t overdress too ! I noticed that a lot of design students are overdress. They have unique fashion sense but sometimes, it just weird haha.

Remember this, dressing well shows respect for others.

2. Outfit Dilemma


You will have this symptom by week 3 or as early as week 2. This symptom will occur when you already wear all your collections and you can’t decide which one to wear again.

So stock up your wardrobe now ! Chey no lah. You shouldn’t spend a lot just to look good. After a while, people also don’t care what you wearing.

3. First Impression


This is common. People tend to wear nicely to make a good first impression to their new classmates. Trust me, after few weeks, when you are aleady comfortable with your new classmates, you don’t care about what you wear anymore. You will start to wear simple clothing.

4. Invest on Formal Clothing Now !


I think, you should start to invest on formal clothing now. Don’t wait till your first formal presentation then you chiong and buy. You don’t need to wear blazer, I think only business students likes to wear it.

Don’t forget your formal shoes too ! Some lecturer, they are very fussy. Good luck then !

5. Canteen Foods !


Poly have more variety compared to your school canteens. It will cost slightly more but still affordable. You and you friends will have dilemma on where to eat for lunch break.


During lunch break, it’s hard to eat in large groups. Advisable to go with not more than 4 people per group.

7. Fast Food Cost Cheaper than Outside !


Yes, you wouldn’t want to eat fast food outside because your school fast food’s outlet is cheaper. Expect a long queue during break time.

8. Last Minute Work

You will be given at least 1 to 6 weeks to complete your project depending on your module. Good news ? Not really. The longer the submission date, the more we will tend to drag. Sometimes you can have up to 6 projects and that’s when you really need to start doing your work. Last minute work will make you regret.


Last semester, I have to overnight at Changi Airport thrice just to finish up my project. You wouldn’t want to sacrifice your precious sleep right ? Then no last minute work.

Sometimes its understandable lah. Be aware that poly isn’t that slack as you thought. It can be as stress as O level. Be prepared.

9. Bias Lecturer

I have no comment about this but this kind of lecturer do exist. Some lecturers are biased towards me and some are biased to towards others.

10. Open Book Test Do Exist in Poly


Some modules or some lecturers allows open book test ! This is the fun thing about poly.

11.  Class Bonding


When you join poly, you will feel that you have a best class in you life. You will start to tweet and insta about them. ” Best class in the world ” , ” Best class in my life ” , ” I have the best classmates ” . I warn you not to tweet this, you will regret later.

It’s normal. The class is very bonded for few weeks. After few weeks, everyone will have their own cliques and that’s when the class start to split too.

Appreciate your first few weeks of school. It won’t happen again for the rest of your poly life.

12. Backstabber Everywhere

This is what people told me before I step into Poly. I don’t want to believe it. Sadly, it’s the truth.

Some try to steal your friends, some try to make use of you and some pretend to like you. Some people act like they want to help you in studies but actually they care more about their grades. They pretend to help. Some try to give you wrong answers so that you will not do well in that particular modules.

Beware .

13. You Will Meet the Best Person in Your Life

Either you will have a new girlfriend/boyfriend or you will meet a new awesome friends. Yes you will, trust me.

For me, I have yet to find a new girlfriend but I found my bestfriend in poly ! By far, the best friend I have ever met in my life.

In poly, you need to have at least ONE friend to stay by your side. Seriously , you do need at least one. Someone that you can trust. Doesn’t matter if you do not have a lot of friends in poly, but a bestfriend is a must.

You need them because poly life isn’t as beautiful as you thought.

I’m glad I found one.

14. Group Project

This is the annoying part of poly life. As time goes by , it’s super hard to choose your group members.

After a few group projects, you will see their true colour.

I like individual project more. Well, what I can advise is to choose your member carefully. If you have chance, try to group with different people so that you can choose the best for your final year project.

15. Cheaper concession now !

You all might already know, but in case you haven’t, Polytechnic students will finally be able to enjoy the same monthly concession pass prices as those in secondary schools, JC and ITE.

Poly MCPs Price
Current New
Bus Concession Pass $52.00 $27.50
Train Concession Pass $45.00 $25.00
Hybrid Concession Pass $97.00 $51.00

Damn you freshies, you guys are lucky !

16. Don’t underestimate ITE Student

Some ITE students do better than O-level graduates. Think twice before you look down on them.

17. Laptop is a Must

Get your laptop now or you can buy during school roadshow. Laptop is your bestfriend in poly.

Last semester, I dropped my laptop and have to send for repair. I have hard time surviving without my laptop.



Whatever software that you are using to do your assignments, do remember to keep saving it. You will never know when you laptop will crash.


There are more things that you have to know but for now, this are the only things that I can think of. Good luck with your poly life ! It won’t be an easy one but it will be a fun journey !