#Bendgate Apple is getting trolled by…….everyone!

The recently launched iPhone 6 Plus created a buzz when it was launched. Now, Apple’s first big-screen product in its stable is causing another stir. But for the wrong reason: It bends.


Poor Apple .. Apple is getting trolled by their competitors .













Well, I wish iPhone 6 users best of luck. Stay strong citizens of #Bendgate 🙂


Nikki Scott Taylor, EO

Hey readers. Thank you for your support. It helps me to stay motivated to post something here !

I have created a new segment called ” Meet My Friend “. It’s something like a shout-out thingy.

So today, say hi to my friend, Nikki Scott Taylor, 22 years old.

Travelling is his passion. There is nothing more fulfilling to him than the traditions of a different culture, the tastes of a different cuisine, and the sound of an unfamiliar languages. Meeting interesting and various type of people around the world, connecting with them and learning about their perspective on how to live life has enriched his life and his knowledge of the world in a way that words cannot express.

In 2011, Scott Tay went on his first solo trip ever to discover Germany and Switzerland. During the journey, he moved from cities to cities, staying in hostels and even in a telephone booth for one night in Lucerne, Switzerland. After the trip, he got so galvanized that he went home with a completely changed mind.

Today, he has travelled to parts of the world like, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Norway, Sweden, Thailand, South Korea and more. Scott travels extensively trying to understand the way of life, culture as well as getting motivated by people all around the world. He strives to connect people all around him to places and issues and has dedicated the rest of his life to sharing his love for the outdoor world with others.

Scott lives in Singapore with his partner Christina Tang.


Due to his strong passion in travelling, Scott created a team called EO. EO is Latin for to travel, sail and ride. EO is basically a team of 7. They are a group of passionate travellers, adventurers and explorers planning expeditions around the world.

Current EO team members consist of Scott Tay 22, Kang James 24, Dorian Manrique Axel 24, Benjamin Yong 23, Sherena Ng 22, Edna 22 and Donovan Gerard Arthur Norris 21.

They are starting to set up a new branch for new members. You will have a chance to travel with them, get inspired by the things they do and more !

Here are some of their photos taken from their facebook page:

swiss by scott swiss by scott 1 oslo, norway Nepal Nepal China manila by scott korea by scott korea by scott 1 japan by kang india by scott gangwon, korea gangwon, korea by astro Bhutan by Scott bhutan by scott 1 bangla by scott


Below is the video of EO’s expedition to South China.


And don’t forget to like their facebook page for more information, updates and inspiring photos !