#blogwithLutefield : Back to School

Phew alas, I’ve time to blog. Busy with projects and poly open house. First week of school after three weeks of break. So far, so good.

I will be very busy till end of Feb. There are alot of projects that I need to submit by end of Jan and early Feb. After that, I’ve to study for the upcoming exam.

I’ve no time to enjoy. School day, I will spend my whole day in school. I dont go out with my friends on weekday except Friday. For me, weekdays are for me to finish up my assignments so I can have a good rest over the weekends.

Normally, my school end around 6pm. After school, me and my friends will stayback in school to finish up our projects. Usually we stay till 8.30pm and then we go for dinner. Sometimes I have to come to school early or do project on weekends too.

Usually after or in between our project, we will have a good meal to distress ourselves. Desserts make me insanely happy.

So yeah, if you asked me out and I said I cannot make it due to school work, and then you saw photos I uploaded on Instagram, don’t get me wrong. Normally I will eat good food after hours of doing assignments.

I always go to J.Co after my project. Madly in love with their Avacado doughnut. I prefer J.Co over Krispy Kreme. Thank god there is J.Co here in Tampines.

Paris Baguette just opened their outlet in Tampines. Tried it last Thursday with Kenny. Their popular 4.5 bucks royal pudding is so overrated. Decent taste, nothing special. Their egg tart is nice. Overall, I think Paris Baguette is overrated and overpriced.

Al Azhar at 201 is my favourite place to have dinner. Usually I go there with my best bro and we always order their 2 pax set. It cost 25 bucks per set. Their set includes 2 white rice, 1 huge fish ( you can choose whether you want sweet sour or chilli ), 1 vege + cucumber w belacan, a bowl of tomyam and a plate of omelette. The fish is huge ! Trust me, you will love it! It’s worth the money.

Other than Tampines, sometimes I go over to Changi Airport for dinner. Airport is a good place to release stress. I love the atmosphere over there. Its peaceful. Butter Studio is one of the place we always chill at. I love their macaroons and nuttella tart. Their cupcakes is not that great. Maybe because I’m not a fan of cupcakes. Other than Butter Studio,  I always go to Galateria Italia, Dunkin Donuts, Coffee Bean & Starbucks to chill.

I would like to apologise for being too busy. I will catch up with you all during my semester break, around end of Feb. For now, I’ve to priorities my assignments and exam 🙂


Diploma in Business Intelligence & Analytics



The Course

To run a successful business, you must understand customer needs, preferences and purchasing trends. You need to know what’s available in the market, what’s selling well, and what your competitors are up to. Yes, that’s right- you need to gather intelligence and analyse it to propose smart business strategies.

In essence, you will be the thinker behind successful businesses. If you like Mathematics and Statistics, have a knack for spotting trends among seemingly unrelated facts, and want to help businesses do better and compete more effectively then take up this course which will position you for an exciting and rewarding career.


Career Opportunities

  • Business Intelligence Analysts
  • Data Mining Specialist
  • Web & Social Media Analyst
  • Text Analytic Specialist
  • Data Warehouse Specialist and many more !

Cut-Off Point

Last year was 16. COP for this year is out yet.

Some Core Subjects

  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Customer Relationship Management & Analytics
  • Data Mining Concepts & Techniques
  • Predictive Analytics

If you want to know more about this course, click here . If you want to know about my experience as a BIA student, feel free to contact me via Twitter or Facebook. You can watch BIA video over here.

Sanway , Muscat St

wpid-IMG_20140110_6.pngLast Saturday, I went to Bugis for school project. Whenever I go to Bugis, I always eat at Tong Seng. Sadly, Tong Seng closed down last year. So I have no idea where to have dinner. So I decided to try Moroccan sandwich at Arab Street with Kenny & Kerri.

wpid-IMG_20140110_7.pngIt’s just a small shop ! I love the design & the environment of the shop. It’s unique, very cozy and relaxing.

wpid-20140104_211504.jpgThe food was pretty decent. Kerri ordered BBQ Beef Wrap, $9.


I ordered footlong Ham Sandwich which cost $12.50 bundle with Mango Juice. Kenny ordered 6 inch Sandwich which cost $8.50 bundle with Mango Juice too. It taste like an ordinary western sandwiches, nothing special about it. Not that great but it doesn’t taste that bad either.

We waited for quite long for the food to arrive due to shortage of manpower. The service was very poor due to that but I can say, their staff are very friendly especially the owner of the restaurant. He gave us free drink, re heat our sandwich and even let us try one of the Moroccan food. The staff even lend me her umbrella so I can fetch Kenny since he is stuck in Bugis due to the heavy rain.

Sanway Deli Moroccan

30 Bussorah St, Singapore 199448, near to Sultan Mosque.


#blogwithLutefield : Happy New Year !


Happy New Year to all my readers out there. A new chapter, new exciting stories !

I had a good start of the year. At last, my wish came true. Thank you.




Alot of exciting things to look forward to in 2014. A great 2013, looking forward for a greater 2014.


Turning 21 this year. Bye bye teenage life. Moving on, I’m a young adult now. Life wont be the same anymore but it will get better for sure !