KFC’s Chocolate Cake & New Fries !


Went out today and didn’t know what to get for lunch. Not a fan of fast food but I decided to have KFC today because I saw something new on the menu. Chocolate Lovers’ Cake ! It was introduced last month if I’m not wrong, I’m a bit slow.


It cost me only $2 ! The size is not as big as normal Lava cake but just right for the price of 2 bucks. They should put more melted chocolate inside but it’s okay since the chocolate cake itself is nice especially when you eat it warm !
1395821_562620950459572_1620371285_nSince I’m in the KFC, I tried their new fries! Again, not a fan of fried food but their fries is super nice ! I dislike KFC fries because it’s so soggy but their new fries is irresistible! It’s so crispy and tasty ! It’s not oily too compare to other fast food’s fries. It taste so much better with cheese ! Trust me , you guys should try it even if you are not a fast food fan.



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